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Dermal Skin Co prides itself on providing exceptional care to our clients and assisting them with any skin concerns they may have. 

Stacey, the creator of Dermal Skin Co has had first  hand experience of how debilitating skin conditions can be, and the impact it can have on one's life not only physically but mentally as well.  She has dedicated her career to continually educating herself which has included over 5 years of study.

Consisting of her Diploma of Beauty Therapy and a Bachelor of Dermal Science to help clients regain their skin confidence.

What is a Bachelor of Dermal Science?

This is the study of skin management and non-surgical treatments to assist with acute and chronic conditions. We study skin and wound biology as well as dermatological conditions and subsequent management.

Science units are also completed including cosmetic chemistry, physics, psychology and physiology, as every system of the body can impact the overall health of the skin. With a big focus on advanced skin treatments incorporating a range of different modalities such as lasers and IPL.

Education is crucial in an ever evolving industry. Dermal Skin Co is committed to providing clients with result driven treatments and education as well as bringing new treatments to our rural area.

Contact us now to kick start your skin journey today!



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